"Yes, novels; for I will not adopt that ungenerous and impolitic custom so common with novel–writers, of degrading by their contemptuous censure the very performances, to the number of which they are themselves adding.... There seems almost a general wish of decrying the capacity and undervaluing the labour of the novelist, and of slighting the performances which have only genius, wit, and taste to recommend them. “I am no novel–reader — I seldom look into novels — Do not imagine that I often read novels — It is really very well for a novel.” Such is the common cant. “And what are you reading, Miss — ?”

“Oh! It is only a novel!” replies the young lady, while she lays down her book with affected indifference, or momentary shame. “It is only Cecilia, or Camilla, or Belinda”; or, in short, only some work in which the greatest powers of the mind are displayed, in which the most thorough knowledge of human nature, the happiest delineation of its varieties, the liveliest effusions of wit and humour, are conveyed to the world in the best–chosen language." --Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey, Chapter 5

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Upon Joining Facebook

I finally joined Facebook a little while ago, and it scared me so much that it took me nearly two weeks to go back and look at it again. My original goal was just to set up a professional, public page, but I accidentally set up both a personal and a private page. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to tell the difference between them, and why I apparently can't make one page public and the other page private. If I change my privacy settings on one it changes it for the other page too.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm not a social media person. I'm actually one of those people Facebook was invented for, who has past friends and acquaintances scattered all over the world, but I've been holding out against it for years. My mom's on Facebook and I get my family news from her. I have other friends who are connected with other friends of mine, and so I hear through them. I'm out of the loop, but not hopelessly.

Here, hopefully, is the link to my professional Facebook page: Lara on Facebook

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